The Best of Bad Poetry Day

On Thursday, April 5, I attempted to make Facebook slightly more embarrassing and stupid for a day by hosting an event called Bad Poetry on Facebook Day.

The idea was to “flood Facebook with whiny, seventh-grade-girl poetry about loneliness and broken hearts posted as status updates.” I stressed that “improper spelling and grammar, bad punctuation, and free verse are all encouraged.”

Without taking the time to count (I haven’t done that since I stopped watching Sesame Street at age nineteen) I would say about twenty people wrote poems for Bad Poetry Day. I’ll post some of my favorites, bookended with my own work because I’m self-absorbed like that.

As far as the initial guidelines are concerned, I don’t think anybody wrote a more perfect piece than Axel Howerton:

Some poems stuck with the general theme of teenage angst (one would hope):

Other poems were quite the opposite:

One was read via video by alter ego, Jesse Thunderwake (in 2010):

Some were about larger, more personal issues truly worthy of bad poetry:

And of course, no Bad Poetry Day is complete without a poem written as therapy:

You can see all of the poems written for Bad Poetry on Facebook Day in the original event HERE. If you missed out on the fun, be sure to “like” my Facebook fan page so as not to miss out on all my brilliant ideas in the future and feel like a sucker.

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