“Jesse Thunderwake” to Premiere at Texas Independent Film Festival

As most of the six people who read this blog already know, I was an independent filmmaker before I was a novelist. At age eighteen, I made my first film Gunslinger, P.I. which I showed you earlier this year for free.

Well here’s some information on my second film:

Jesse Thunderwake snorts cocaine during the opening credits sequence.

Shot in the summer of 2010, Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon is the loosely autobiographical tale of a man named Jesse Thunderwake (me, Greg Sisco) who has a limitless supply of ambition and no talent whatsoever to back it up. He swears he’s going to be the next big actor/model/musician/director/stuntman/comedian/writer, but he’s never quite made it there.

Foxx Douglas (center) in her thesis film "The Sisterhood."

When he falls madly in love with Foxx Douglas (Jennifer Richman) a would-be actress who he doesn’t realize is a lesbian, Jesse prepares a film that’s going to showcase all of his talents, and he casts Foxx as the female lead in hopes she’ll fall in love with him. But the crew of morons and misfits who he hires damns the film almost instantly, sending him into a spiral of drugs, depression, sex, and violence as the film is taken out of his control and placed in the hands of a new director named Greg Sisco (Bryan Scamman), a terrible human being whose taste in art is limited to violence and nudity.

Greg Sisco blends violence and sex by applying blood to tits.

Told in “mockumentary” fashion, the movie follows Jesse’s life as it is captured on film by his younger brother Blain McDougalwhose sole ambition is to use his documentary to slander all of his subjects, for whom he clearly holds nothing but contempt.

Add to that a loudmouthed New York music producer named Jim Cunningham (Donald W. Mohr) who is a terrible influence on Jesse and doesn’t know a damn thing about making movies, a sex-crazed starfucker named Star-fucker (Jennifer Blair) who tapes herself sleeping with ambitious people in hopes they’ll get famous and she can piggy-back on their success, and a method actor known only as Bug-Eyes McCoy (Andrew Arrasmith) who may or may not have serious psychological issues, and you have the basic setup for Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon.

Jesse's brother, Blain, looking like the smug prick that he is.

The film has been entered in a slew of film festivals who unanimously rejected it, perhaps due in part to the extremely cynical and unpleasant worldview it expresses, and the fact that it generally implies that a life in filmmaking is awful, and should be neither pursued nor respected.

Well, a festival was finally dumb enough to say yes, so it’s now official: Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon, will make its world premiere on March 14 at 10pm at the Texas Independent Film Festival in Austin, TX, where the movie was shot.

Jesse emulates Dr. Strangelove in a music video for the song "The Second Coming of Kubrick."

I will be in attendance at the screening, as will producer/sound guru/co-star Donald W. Mohr and most of the cast. No word yet on whether we’ll be doing any kind of Q&A but we’ll certainly be more than happy to meet with any fans and have a drink and/or unprotected sex.

Admission is free and we would like this event to be as big as possible, so please spread the word to any friends and/or family who will be in or near Austin on the 14th. I’d love to see you there.

This image captures the feel of the movie quite well.

The movie also includes an original soundtrack (available here) comprised of eight original songs by Jesse Thunderwake. Proud, pretentious songs about how he is going to be famous and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Here is the trailer for Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon which is two minutes long and contains 15 uses of the word “fuck” as well as a painting of a vagina, a guy snorting cocaine, and a naked girl getting hit in the face with a hatchet, so go get the kiddies and gather them in front of your computer screen, because they’re gonna laugh like pigs in shit:

Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon premieres March 14 at the Texas Independent Film Festival and is expected to be for sale online in the near future. For all the latest updates, subscribe to this blog, or “like” the movie’s Facebook page.

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