Gunslinger, P.I.

This is my first independent feature film, which I wrote at age 17; produced, directed, and starred in at age 18; and edited and premiered at age 19. I apologize for the somewhat low resolution of the image. I had to compress it down to 500MB in order to post it. If the quality really bothers you, or if you’re just a really sweet person who loves to support me, feel free to buy the DVD or watch the full quality version on Amazon on Demand. Otherwise, this is what I’ve got for you.

Probably most of you on this page got here from buying the Gunslinger, P.I. novel. If not, I encourage you to buy a copy of the novel if you like the film. In my opinion, the novel is superior. The film was made by an eighteen-year-old first-time filmmaker, and the novel was written years later because I wanted to clean up a few of the mistakes I made. However, I still think the film is not without its charms.

Anyway, here it is. A very R-rated detective/crime/western/fantasy/dark comedy independent film with time traveling cowboys, talking cars, and Irish gangsters. Enjoy!

My second film Jesse Thunderwake: American Icon is also available to buy or rent via Amazon On Demand. If you’d like to see a film effort I made when I was a bit more assured, I’d love for you to give that a look. And if you do, please take a moment to leave a review. I and the other cast and crew members would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks very much for your interest. I appreciate it more than you know.

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