“Gunslinger, P.I.” – Coming in July

lForgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last blog post.

I’ve not gone anywhere. I’ve been teaching English to the Chinese and pounding away at a laptop keyboard in whatever spare time I can find. A few big new projects are in the works, but the biggest (or next, at least) is my new novel, Gunslinger, P.I.

I talked about this project in quite a bit of detail in my last post in February (in short, a cowboy from the past solves crimes with his talking car girlfriend), but I’m happy to say that as of a few days ago, it’s finished and ready for publication. I’m hoping to give it as big a launch as I can, so I’m holding off for a few weeks until I’m less tied up with other work, but I’m aiming to release in the second week of July.

I could paste the first chapter here and give you a little taste, but perhaps more fun than that would be this goofy little webcam reading I did in a cowboy voice just for the hell of it. Enjoy:

Gunslinger, P.I. will be available exclusively for Kindle in the second week of July. Watch for a cover image sometime in June. And, as always, for all the most immediate updates, like my Facebook fan page.

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