Good News and Bad News – What I’m Up To

Hi guys. Just wanted to drop a quick update in here to tell you what I’ve got coming over the next year or so (hit the jump for a timeline). Good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad and keep it short.


I really wanted to release my next novel In Nightmares We’re Alone by the end of the year, but I’ve been so busy with multiple projects and boring non-creative things that it’s going to be put off for a bit. More on that in a minute.


I spent November doing the NaNoWriMo thing and now have a first draft for a new novel, tentatively titled This Lonely World, so I’m now sitting on a second first draft in addition to In Nightmares We’re Alone. One or the other will be released early next year, depending on which one I feel more like going back to work on when I’ve got some time in January.

I say that because December is for another project. I’m currently at work on the second draft of a screenplay that will become my next film as director. At the end of March, my lease in China is up and I’ll more than likely be heading straight back to the States to crowdfund this project. There’s a lot more information on that coming, but I’m going to try to keep my cards pretty close to my chest until the campaign starts, at which point I’ll reveal everything all at once. For now, all I’ll say is it’s either horror or extremely dark comedy (or sick and disgusting filth) depending on your tastes, it’s set in L.A., and I’ve got a lead actor attached who’s going to nail it.

In between the two novels, and hopefully before production kicks off on the film, I’m going to try to get to Blood Brothers 3, since I know a lot of you are waiting for that. I hope that’s manageable, and that I can release it in the spring just before jumping into movie production, but we’ll see how things play out.

And, of course, as I mentioned in a recent post, all of these books are going to be released for free. I’m not chasing money for my books anymore, at least for a while, because I’d rather have them widely read and make no money than have a couple of them read and make enough to buy lunch once in a while. All my current books will be free soon—certainly by Christmas, but hopefully before. (As to whether the movie will be free, I don’t know yet. That’s a decision for much later.)

Whew. Okay. So here’s a handy but extremely tentative timeline:

December 2013: All current books go free.
February 2014: Release of In Nightmares We’re Alone.
April 2014: Release of Blood Brothers 3.
May 2014: Production begins on (Movie Title Withheld).
August 2014: Production finishes on (Movie Title Withheld).
October 2014: Release of This Lonely World.

That’s all for today. Now come be my friend on Facebook.

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