College Beach Party Massacre 4: a novel?

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting my next novel, I love you. Here’s a little information:

First off, I’m sorry to say that progress on the second Blood Brothers book has been a little slower than I would have hoped, and I’ll be pushing it back a few months (maybe early to mid Autumn) to work on something else—a trashy horror novel with a macabre sense of humor based on a screenplay I wrote a few years ago called College Beach Party Massacre 4.

Set in Scud City, the same fictional city in which One-Night Stan’s is set, the novel draws inspiration from bad slasher flicks of the ’70s and ’80s. The story follows a few groups of drunk, horny teenagers who, on their way to a party at Camp Carver, get massacred by a chain-smoking demon with a crowbar. All the staples of schlock horror cinema make appearances, from the creepy old guy, to the oblivious stoner, to the skinny dipping hippie chick, to the devil himself. Much like One-Night Stan’s, the funniest, most lovable characters die the goriest, most disturbing deaths.

The novel will likely go through a title-change since I’m undecided on whether College Beach Party Massacre 4 works very well as the title for a novel. Part of me is partial to the title The Joy of Killing Teenagers, but I don’t expect to release the book until late Spring or early Summer so I will allow myself to be undecided for another month or so if necessary.

What do you think? Would a book called College Beach Party Massacre 4 catch your attention, or would it strike you as ridiculous and stupid (in a bad way)? Do you prefer The Joy of Killing Teenagers? Do you think neither one works and a better title is necessary? I’d love to hear opinions.

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  1. Hey, Greg! I’m kind of partial to the College Beach Party Massacre 4 title. I don’t know. It seems like something that would suit your devilish wit. It would also get people wondering whether they need to look for three previous books. Either way, you’ve planted that hook and made them stop and consider it.


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