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  • Social Media Cleanse, Day 13

    Just about two weeks in. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, they’re all deleted. Not that Twitter or Instagram were really addictions for me. But it seemed worth deleting them all so that the Facebook addiction didn’t just resurface as a Twitter addiction or the like. Saw a quote by Walter Kirn a few months ago (via Twitter, […]

  • The Exposure Addiction Trap

    (a version of this post first appeared in my monthly subscriber-only newsletter) “There won’t be any money, but it will be great exposure,” says some suit to a hungry artist, and she rolls her eyes because it’s become such a cliche. Does that line still work on anybody? she wonders. Everywhere on social media she […]

  • On (My) Social Media Addiction

    At the beginning of the pandemic, just for a few weeks, there was a moment when I felt a sudden love of social media I hadn’t felt in years. We were being told to go home, to stay inside, and none of us had a good idea of what was going on just yet. A […]