In Nightmares We’re Alone

In Nightmares We’re Alone presents three interconnected tales of terror and otherworldly horrors:

Good Little DollyA young girl is stalked by the hypnotic eyes of her mother’s new doll. 

Growth – A womanizing con artist can no longer contain the plants that sprout from his fingernails. 

That Thing We Don’t Quite See – A bitter woman is haunted by the cryptic messages on her dead father’s typewriter.

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One-Night Stan’s

Welcome to Scud City, the worst town in America.

The kind of town where when a suitcase packed with money goes missing, college dimwits, punk rockers, a crooked FBI agent, a serial killer, a stripper addicted to torturing men, an un-killable Russian, and a nightclub owner who thinks he’s Frank Sinatra all find themselves in a twisted web of sex, murder, and drugs in pursuit of a nest egg none of them deserve.

And welcome to One-Night Stan’s, the worst strip club in Scud City. Where the floors are linoleum, the air is cigarette smoke, and the night ain’t over till somebody’s a corpse.

Kicking off at sunset and ending at sunrise, One-Night Stan’s is brutal anarchic fun packed with savage violence, anonymous sex, and all those other things nice people don’t laugh at.

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Gunslinger, P.I.


His name is Garret Gallagher, but don’t call him that or he’ll shoot you in a particularly uncomfortable appendage. Every thug and criminal in Scud City knows him as Gunslinger. They say he traveled through time from the Old West. They say he drives a talking car. They say for five grand he can solve any murder in forty-eight hours.

As it happens, everything they say is true.

Gunslinger, P.I. follows five days in Gunslinger’s life. Hired by an allegedly Irish gangster to investigate a particularly suspicious murder, Gunslinger navigates a rocky relationship with his talking car girlfriend, lusts over a foul-mouthed femme fatale, butts heads with a twenty-first century cowboy wannabe, plays Russian Roulette with an idiot, and seeks out revenge on anyone who lies to him — which happens to be pretty much everybody.

A darkly comic murder mystery at its heart, Gunslinger, P.I. blends Western and noir with touches of fantasy, science fiction, and romance for a one-of-a-kind, mile-a-minute ride at the hands of a crass, madman antihero with no regard for the reader’s comfort level.

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Thicker Than Water  (Blood Brothers, #1)

Blood Brothers: Thicker Than Water

Tyr and Loki are not your teenage sister’s vampires.

They live for pleasure. They feel no remorse. They view human beings as livestock and sex objects. And after a thousand years seducing and murdering the prettiest girls in the room, they have become two of the most diabolical serial killers of all time.

But following a violent feud that separates the brothers for over a decade, Tyr hides himself away in a house on the outskirts of Las Vegas where he falls in love with a terminally ill young woman named Eva, an act deemed punishable by death by the fabled vampire council known as The Chosen.

When a mysterious messenger arrives at his home, Tyr fears both Loki and The Chosen have tracked him down, forcing him to protect both himself and the dying young woman who is teaching him to feel.

Thicker Than Water, the first novel in the Blood Brothers series, tells interconnected stories set one hundred years apart. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and the works of Shakespeare, the story weaves together vampires, brothel owners, cowboys, prostitutes, and gallons of innocent blood in an orgy of violence, sex, revenge, romance, betrayal, and brotherly love.

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The Wages of Sin  (Blood Brothers, #2)

No female vampires. No half breeds. No bonds with humans. For as long as vampires have owned the night, this has been the law. And even after a thousand years of Brotherhood, some vampires are willing to kill each other to keep these laws sacred.

In the follow-up to the bestselling Thicker Than Water, the Blood Brothers are placed at odds once again when a vicious former cop finds the body of his daughter bled dry and swears revenge on Thor. With Tyr’s human girlfriend locked in their house and Loki publicly proclaiming his heritage on stage at his club, everyone is playing with fire, and things are about to spiral out of control on a level they never have before.

Set in Las Vegas in the days immediately following Thicker Than WaterThe Wages of Sin ups the ante in terms of blood, sex, and bad behavior.

Welcome back to Sin City. Welcome back to Blood Brothers.

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