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Where One-Night Stan’s Came From

Yesterday a collaboration with Luzifer Verlag marked two new milestones for me, in the form of the release of the German version of One-Night Stan’s. As of yesterday, I’m now a published novelist in multiple languages. And since I’ve self-published all … Continue reading

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Too Much Time On Your Hands

You’ve heard somebody say it. Probably recently. You always know when it’s coming. You know the situations where it inevitably turns up, a reaction to something impressive the creation of which upsets somebody less productive. When someone builds a hundred snowmen for the … Continue reading

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New Short Stories Every Month From Now On

Last week I made a post about how a year of giving all my books away for free had brought my readership down and possibly crushed my productivity. As of now, I’ve requested that all the sites giving them away … Continue reading

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I Gave Away Free Books for a Year. Here’s What I Learned.

I haven’t posted on this blog since December of last year (sorry about that). That post was one I had started drafting in July. It dealt with something that had been bothering me for months even then. For almost as … Continue reading

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I Just Made All My Books Free Indefinitely — Here’s Why.

I announced in a recent post that I would soon be giving all of my books away for free. I wanted to get them available before I got into the details of why I’ve decided to do this. As of … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News – What I’m Up To

Hi guys. Just wanted to drop a quick update in here to tell you what I’ve got coming over the next year or so (hit the jump for a timeline). Good news and bad news. I’ll start with the bad … Continue reading

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Space Monster interviews Greg Sisco about Miley Cyrus

The human they call Greg is enormously tall for its species, measuring just under nine galactic clicks (7.64 universal clicks), but it is puny and frail in spite of this, even in comparison to its peers. After a perfectly executed … Continue reading

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Good News: I’m (Semi)-Retiring from Writing for Profit

Before you panic, let me just say that when I write “Good News” in that headline, I’m not being sarcastic. Here’s the thing. I’m starting to feel like you have to be full of shit to promote your work as … Continue reading

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The Kind of Subtle Nightmares I Have

Last night, I was a young boy. I was at some house in the countryside. Some quiet little place in the middle of nowhere. In the dream, I knew the place. In reality, I don’t. I was there visiting relatives, I … Continue reading

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“Gunslinger, P.I.” Debuts at #1 in Private Investigator Mysteries

  If you haven’t picked up a copy of my new novel Gunslinger, P.I. yet, you still have until 11:59 PM on July 13 to do so. The novel made its debut yesterday and has already reached a rank of #1 in the … Continue reading

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